Notary Public


A Notary Public is also known as a notary or public notary and is usually a senior lawyer who is officially appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury in England. Notaries are mainly concerned with documents to be used overseas.

A notary public can issue a Notarial Certificate to certify, for example, that the person stated in the document has signed the document in the Notary's presence. A Notary Public can also confirm in the Notarial Certificate that he or she has compared a copy of a document with the original and has found the former to be a true copy.

Our notarial functions include:

- Attesting the signature and execution of documents
- Authenticating the execution of documents
- Administration of oaths and declarations
- Witnessing affidavits
- Certifying true copies of documents

Our Notary Public provides notarial services by appointment only. Please call to make a booking and advise us at least 24 hours in advance if you need to reschedule your appointment.