Y T Choi Lawyers & Notary Public can guide you to prepare a successful strategy to make your migration to New Zealand a reality. We understand that the decision to migrate to another country is an important and life changing decision for you and your family. 

In order to serve you in this transition, we can provide an "immigration package" covering:

  • Expert advice on your migration alternatives
  • Professional, commercial and legal advice on all matters such as buying a business, house or setting up a new business
  • Legal advice on family trust and estate plans


New Zealand immigration law and policy is substantive, complex and changes frequently. In many instances, the application is determined by an individual Government representative assessing the application on the merits of the case presented.

We can advise and provide guidelines in respect of the immigration matter in light of your circumstances to: 

  • Obtain assurance for your qualification under immigration policy before an application is made
  • Ensure that your application is appropriately prepared with all relevant information and documentation. 


We can serve you through the following categories: 

  • Visitor visa
  • Student visa
  • Work visa/ Approved in Principal
  • Talent visa
  • Business (Long Term Business visa/ Investment)
  • Skilled Migrant
  • Family Reunification/Marriage
  • All immigration appeals
  • New Zealand Citizenship