Litigation is about disputes being determined through a formal Court process. We support you to resolve your differences in the most appropriate way for your business.

Disputes are part of doing business. What's important is how these are addressed and resolved. We look at the disputes in different way so that we provide our clients with cost-effective and pragmatic commercial advice.

Therefore, a strategic approach to dealing on the disputes at an early stage will lead you to have outstanding results in its resolution. However, where the alternative dispute resolutions are not successful, we provide our clients with cost effective, timely and comprehensive advice and representation through litigation. We assist our clients to analyse the issues and provide a range of options to resolve problems.
All litigation processes can be straining on all parties involved. Whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, we are here to offer reliable legal advice and professional services. With our experienced external barristers and senior counsels, you can be assured that your matter is in the best hands.

Our litigation services include:

  • general advice on commercial disputes
  • mediation and alternative dispute resolution
  • general advocacy
  • Debt recovery
  • Receivership and liquidation
  • employment dispute mediation and litigation
  • family and relationship law litigation
  • Traffic

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